Windwrap XT Fairing TerraCycle with SPRING Mount

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  • Effective protection against cold wind and rain for your feet and lower legs
  • The rider can still easily mount and dismount
  • Simple assembly with a newly designed frame clamp for many recumbent and recumbent trike models
  • The SPRING mount allows installation next to a Pinion gearbox or bottom bracket motors
  • By keeping the clamp on the frame, the fairing can be mounted in exactly the same position again
  • Can be removed quickly by loosening just two clamping screws
  • The fairing is available in a clear or tinted version
  • Space-saving storage when the fairing is not needed
  • Length and width of the fairing mounted: 48 cm x 46 cm
  • Length and width of the fairing including vaults: 56 cm x 46 cm
  • Weight of fairing: 500 g
  • Weight of SPRING Mount: 1000 g
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The Windwrap XT Fairing TerraCycle front fairing is the perfect solution for minimalists. It is small, light and compact (1500 g), aerodynamically advantageous and optimally protects the feet from rain and cold wind.

The relatively small design is insensitive to crosswinds and you can easily get on and off the recumbent bike or tricycle. The Windwrap XT front fairing is made of Lexan, a high quality polycarbonate. It is very transparent, virtually free of blisters and bumps and allows the cyclist a good view through the front panel.

The fairing has a consistent thickness throughout and does become thinner at the edges. The Windwrap XT Fairing windscreen can be rolled and stored in a space-saving way. The Windwrap XT fits many recumbent and tricycle models such as Catrike, Challenge, Rabbit, Flux, HP Velotechnik, Steintrikes and of course ICE.

The front panel can easily be mounted with a frame clamp on each recumbent or tricycle near ​​the bottom bracket on the frame tube. The fairing can be removed by loosening only two screws on the frame clamp. Since the clamp remains on the frame, you can later re-mount the fairing in exactly the same position.

See also the installation video of the manufacturer:

Recumbents and trikes, headlamp mounts and headlamps as shown on the picture are not included in the sale price.

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