Windwrap WGX Fairing TerraCycle with WINTR mount

Shipping in days
2-3 days
  • protects the rider from toe to waist effectively from rain and cold wind
  • folding mechanism makes entering and exiting very convenient
  • can be easily fitted to many underseat steering trike and recumbent frames with the WINTR clamping mount
  • with the WINTR clamping mount, the windwrap will even provide enough room for a
    pinion gearbox or bottom bracket e-assist motor
  • only two screws need to be loosened for quick unmounting
  • needs small storing space when not in use
  • length and width of the mounted fairing: 110 cm x 50 cm
  • actual length and width (measured along the bend): 132 cm x 59 cm
  • fairing weight: 1050g


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The Windwrap WGX Fairing from TerraCycle is a full sized fixed fairing that wraps around from under the pedals up and over your knees. You feel really much “in” a WGX Fairing than just “behind” it!

The wind screen is made from high end polycarbonate. The material is very clear, almost completely free of bubbles or uneven spots and grants the rider a great view through. With more than a meter in length and its curved down sides, the Windrwap WGX is designed to protect the rider from his toes to waist. This means even more protection against bad weather. With this fairing, you’ll feel more like you’re sitting inside the fairing than just behind it. The fairing can be stored permanently rolled together to save space.

Wether you want more protection for your feet or move the fairing up a little, the WGX can be fitted and micro adjusted to perfectly fit your individual needs.

Installing the fairing on the front boom is simple and easy. For most recumbents, the installation is archieved with a double frame clamp. A big advantage of this mounting method is the possibility of quick fairing removal by loosening only two bolts.With this process, the frame clamp stays mounted on your bike and makes reinstalling the fairing really easy. The frame clamp mount is designed in away that leaves enough space for a Pinion gearbox or bottom bracket mounted e-assist systems, like the Shimano Steps motor. For unconventional sized frames or tube diameters, the WGX can be mounted with the universal hose clamp based mounting system. Please select fairing version and required frame clamp for your recumbent in the options box.

For easy entering and exiting, the Windwrap WGX comes with a hinge joint. The hinge stops can be adjusted seperately. With his system, the fairing can be moved variably from front and back.

Trikes with an additional seat riser (e.g. the ICE Seatriser or the HP Velotechnik HS Plus seat) have a strongly altered seating position. Since this can prevent the TerraCycle WGX Fairing from being fitted correctly, we do not recommend installing a TerraCycle WGX in combination with a seat riser.

Watch the installation video for the frame clamp mount:


Any shown trikes are not included in the sales price.

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