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Recumbent weather protection fairings Windwrap WGX, GX and XT from TerraCycle with matching accessories.

These products offer ideal protection from the elements for any recumbent rider who is not afraid of riding in rain or even all year around! In windy or rainy conditions, the recumbent seated position causes legs and feet to get cold very quickly. In those situations, protection from the weather can seriously increase your comfort. A windwrap protects feet and legs from rain or snow and the rider has to bring less raingear. Of course, this fairing is easily removable. It requires little maintenance work and has a long lifespan.

In our webshop, you can purchase these fairings in various sizes: The Windwrap WGX Fairing TerraCycle and the Windwrap GX Fairing TerraCycle cover your whole legs up to the bottom of your jacket. Because of the good adjustability, the fairing can be made to wrap around the riders legs in the optimal fashion. The Windwrap WGX is a little longer and wider than its GX counterpart. Both fairings offer a folding joint, that enables convenient entering and exiting. Mounting them to your recumbent main frame is simple and easily accomplished with the provided hose clamps.

These fairings will fit recumbents and recumbent trikes by ICE, Catrike, Challenge, HP Velotechnik, Steintrikes, Anthrotech, TerraTrike, Azub and KMX.

The Windwrap XT Fairing TerraCycle can be used all year around and is the perfect solution for minimalists. Its small, lightweight, aerodynamically shaped and protects your feet perfectly from rain and cold wind. It is often the only fitting option for recumbents with a higher bottom bracket. Fits Azub, Toxy, Optima, Challenge M5, ICE, HP Velotechnik Gekko and Scorpion, Catrike, KMX and Steintrike.

The windscreens of these fairings do all share the following properties:

-Great durability due to the sturdy Lexan polycarbonate material
-Perfect vision due to the high transparency and low distortion of the screen material.
-High stability due to the perfectly constant material thickness.
-Excellent looks due to the extremely smooth surface of the screen

All windscreens can be rolled and stored without taking up much space. Minor or even larger scratches are inevitable when putting the fairing to use but we offer the TerraCycle Fairing Polish Kit for restoring the windscreens’ smooth surface.

Recumbent accessories for the TerraCycle WGX, GX and XT fairings.

In our ICLETTA Webshop, we also offer useful accessories that fit the Terracycle Windwrap fairings. We recommend using a protective cover with an elastic edging for keeping the TerraCycle Fairing scratchless and being able to cover your screen quickly. This Windwrap Fairing Cover is made from soft fleece fabric and covers the whole fairing during transportation or use. It is also helpful for storing the screen rolled together.

For a better view during dark and rainy winter days, we offer the TerraCycle light mount for mounting lights to the front of the fairing. There are light mounts available for all the fairing variants. The lights are mounted next to the screen, so that the rider is not hit by any reflected light. At only 55 grams, the lights are pretty lightweight and can be mounted by themselves or as a pair.

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