Drum brakes Sturmey Archer hub complete set

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Sturmey Archer drum brake complete set for recumbent trike front wheels
-2x Frpnt hub shell HSB500 black
-2x Brakeplate
-2x Adjusting Bolt HSB422
-2x Safety bolt HSK715
-2x Washer for bearings
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The advantage of drum brakes lies in the system being fully sealed and therefore fully protected from outside influences. Water and dust have no influence on braking perfromance and the system does not require any maintenance practically. In case you might to have to change a heavily used brake pad, we do have all the required replacement parts in our product lineup. The hub runs on easily changeable industry bearings and can be used in conjunction with front suspension or a rigid front. Additionally, you have the option of runing both the Sturmey Archer hub dynamo and the drum brake in the same hub. This way, two important functions of your recumbent trike are fitted inside a sealed system and are always reliable and ready to use.

Sturmey Archer is a hertiage brand of bicycle gear hubs. The company was founded in 1902 in british Nottingham, when Sir Frank Bowden asked the teacher Henry Sturmey and engineer James Archer to produce gear hubs for his Bowden Bicycles. After a long and successful history, the company was taken over by SunRace in the year 2002 and the production was moved to Taiwan. This increased the quality of the products even more.

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