FastBack Pump Pack

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The Pump Pack features strap and clamp for mounting on the frame or for the combination with the FastBack Hydration Systems and the Carbon Slim Top Bag.

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Features long velcro straps, so you can put it almost anywhere: on the frame, chainstay, stem riser, or your forearm. It also clips to all FastBack Hydration Packs and the FastBack Carbon Slim Top Bag.

Why a pump pack? Well, because it's handy to have a pump along, and it's often difficult to carry one on a recumbent. When you need your pump, it's really nice to just unzip the pack.

Comes with self gripping Velcro straps and strap clips for use with other Fastback packs and bags.

Weight: 43 g

Dimensions: 6,3 cm x 38 cm

pic. 5  Pump Pack and Tool Pouch attached on Carbon Slim TopBag (Tool Pouch and Carbon Slim TopBag are not include in sales price).

ICE Vtx Trike is not include in sales price.

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