Crank Shortener TerraCycle

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  • Fits crank arms with 22-44 mm width
  • Vor new mounting positions for the pedal
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Handmade in Portland, USA
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Many bikes and trikes come equipped with 170mm or 175mm cranks. These are great for tall and long-legged riders, but for most people they can turn out to be too long. With the TerraCycle Crank Shortener, riders can effectively shorten their crank arm length and experiment to find out which length works best for them. The Crank Shortener can also be used to compensate for legs of different lengths.

If a riders legs are the same length but the knees are not be as good as they used to be, a pair of TerraCycle Crank Shorteners can also help to reduce the load.

The TerraCycle Crank Shorteners are designed for adults and can also be fitted to modern cranks with wide crank arms. The clamping mechanism, which grips the crank arm, is designed to withstand the pedaling loads of adults and has a very wide adjustment range (22 to 44 mm). Assembly is both simple and quick.

If a rider wants to relieve only one knee or if there is limited mobility in just one leg, the TerraCycle Pedal Swing might be worth a look. It is designed for use with the TerraCycle crank shortener and reduces the range of motion on one side.

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