TerraCycle was founded in 1996 in Portland, Oregon as a manufacturer of innovative and sporty recumbent bikes. However, to achieve the performance aimed for by company founder Pat Franz, various components, for example in the area of chain management, had to be developed and manufactured in-house. Word quickly spread about the quality of the accessories and the demand was high. Soon TerraCycle was mainly busy manufacturing accessories and components for other recumbents instead of developing and building its own models.

Today, company founder Pat Franz and his team in the bicycle-friendly city of Portland specialize entirely in the development and production of special solutions in the recumbent and tricycle sector. TerraCycle has long been an integral part of the recumbent and trike scene in the USA, where it enjoys cult status. But also in Europe, the name TerraCycle is now firmly linked with high-quality and sophisticated products.

"We love making things: real, three-dimensional, functional things. We love the craft and the challenge of making things that work exactly as they were designed. And we like knowing that there's a piece of ourselves in every piece we make."

TerraCycle Product Manger Casimir Covert-Keefe

The TerraCycle team consists of many young bicycle enthusiasts and every product sold is guaranteed to have passed through their hands beforehand. As a responsible entrepreneur, Pat Franz offers his employees above-average social security, fair wages as well as good health insurance, which is not always a matter of course in the USA.

All products are developed in-house by Pat Franz and his dedicated team and manufactured on site in Portland. The base materials consist of Aluminum tubes in various diameters and solid blocks of aluminum and titanium. From these, the many high-quality products are created in many careful manual steps and with precise support from an impressive machine park. By using its own CNC machines, TerraCycle can also produce small batches. This approach is an ideal fit for the recumbent and tricycle world.

We are pleased that the noble chain guide rollers, front fairings, accessory holders, fairings, panniers and luggage racks from TerraCycle are now also available from us. As exclusive importer for Europe, we will continuously expand our TerraCycle range and would like to offer more and more accessories for European recumbents and trikes in the future.

The history of TerraCycle


Pat Franz travels to Germany with his team to set up his own TerraCycle booth at the SPEZI specialty bike show for the first time in partnership with ICLETTA. TerraCycle also takes over the Finer Recliner brand headrest range and introduces a new pedal pendulum, crank shortener and luggage rack.


TerraCycle introduces the WINTR and a short time later the SPRING mounting system for its recumbent fairings. The WINTR mount is promptly named Accessory of the Year 2018 by BentRider Online. The TerraCycle team grows to seven full-time employees.


TerraCycle announces the acquisition of Purple Sky Flags. With everything from the sun- and weather-resistant fabric material to the 3M-branded reflectors and black fiberglass poles made in the USA, the flags are quickly becoming one of TerraCycle's flagship products.


A series of new TerraCycle products called SeatSide Mount System is launched. In addition, the Universal Battery Mount is developed to accommodate almost any battery on the market and fit almost any bike or trike. 


TerraCycle acquires Velogenesis and begins production and expansion of Velogenesis seatstay clamps. Pat travels to Germany and the Netherlands to research and go on a nice recumbent trike tour, "The beer was good, but I liked the bikes better." After this trip, Pat and his team completely redesign the Elite Series idlers to reduce weight and make them even more durable.


The new Sport Series of TerraCycle chain idlers is named Bent Rider Accessory of the Year.


A lower cost Sport version is added to the chain idler line. TerraCycle acquires the fairing manufacturer "Windwrap" and begins to develop the highest quality weather protection fairings in the recumbent industry.


Pat takes a trip to Germany for the SPEZI trade show to explore the European bike scene.


TerraCycle reinvents the chain guide and develops the Clamp-On Chainkeepers. ICLETTA becomes the official European distributor for TerraCycle products.


TerraCycle expands its product range with the family of accessory holders. The selection of chain idler sets is increased, as is the line of under-seat luggage racks. The TerraCycle website goes online to serve the needs of recumbent riders worldwide.


The first model-specific chain idler sets for Easy Racer, RANS, Bacchetta and others are introduced. Later, Pat rents a larger space for his modest production facility.


T-Cycle returns to its roots and develops brand new high quality Return and Over/Under Idlers and a line of Chain Keeper systems to take chain management to a whole new level. Later, the T-Cycle line of Underseat Racks is expanded to fit many types of recumbents.


TerraCycle develops the GlideFlex stem for carbon handlebars and optimizes its production. TerraCycle's focus shifts to recumbent-specific parts and accessories. As part of the shift, the TerraCycle TailSok system and universal steering masts are introduced.


TerraCycle expands its shop space to make room for a brand new Mori Seiki CNC vertical mill. Later, the Easy Reacher Underseat Rack is born. The new type of rack allows recumbent riders to carry pannier loads under the seat for increased stability and storage capability.


Using his own computer, Pat refines his design for a folding stem; he calls it "GlideFlex". Unlike all other folding stems, there is no metal-to-metal contact in the hinge or friction system, so it's silent, has very little wear, and is almost completely unaffected by weather. Down in Florida, a company called Bacchetta Bikes forms. They order GlideFlex stems to use on their new bikes.


Pat develops chain idlers with 8-mm bearings for the Terra-Za. As others take note of the product's durability and precision workmanship, he receives his first requests for his custom parts.


Pat Franz introduces the TerraCycle Terra-Za. The Terra-Za is a stylish, short-wheelbase recumbent bike that has received praise from recumbent enthusiasts around the world, including Recumbent Cyclist News:"This is the way we like to see recumbents built, the way more should be built and the way many high-end bikes will have to built in the future." 


TerraCycle founder Pat Franz moves into a one-room workshop with a leaky roof in Southeast Portland, equips himself with a CNC mill, lathe, welding bench and desk, and begins working on recumbent bikes. Designs, redesigns and prototypes litter the office. "It had everything I could have ever wanted," he'll say later, "except for all the stuff we have now, I guess."

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