Disc brake adapter ICE for installing unmirrored disc brakes on models up to 2009

Shipping in days
  • Needed for installing unmirrored disc brakes
  •  e.g. Avid, Shimano or Magura
  • For ICE trikes up to model year 2009.
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If you order an ICE recumbent trike with hydraulic disc brakes or drum brakes, the mounts for the brake calipers are on both front wheels at the bottom of the steering stubs.  We install mirrored hydraulic braces, which means that on both wheels, the brake calipers are mounted in the exact same position. Should you want to switch to a set of unmirrored disc brakes, like the ones upright bikes use, we offer a steering stub for the left side that has an altered mount for the unmirrored disc brakes caliper.

For trike models before 2009 however, you need the disc brake adapter that we offer here.

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