Purple Sky Flag

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  • Grown up style flag with beautiful colors for adults
  • Aerodynamic design for best ride performance
  • High visibility colors and 3M reflective materials for best visibility
  • Waving and controlled flapping for best attention without unwanted noise
  • UV resistance of flag material for many years of use
  • Strong black color fiberglass pole for perfect match with recumbent components
  • Separable flag pole with silicone grip collar to keep poles from separating
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The popular Purple Sky Flags are available now in our web shop in the colors: yellow, orange, red, orange/yellow fade and color spectrum.

 With the grown up style, the Purple Sky Flags are high performance visibility devices that look as good as they work. Everything, from the aero shape, to the colors, to the top of the line reflective features, to the serious poles makes them unique and outstanding. They are made to last for years in all conditions. Unlike most flags, they are designed to work at the speeds adults ride, and they wave in a deliberately controlled way instead of flapping wildly. They are designed and made to be used every day and perform for years.

 Made from highly weather and UV resistant outdoor polyester for long life and excellent resistance to fading. Poles are solid fiberglass, with two 90 cm long sections. Sections are joined by a special carbon fiber ferrule with a silicone rubber grip collar to keep things together until you want them apart. Poles are 6,35 mm diameter, with an option 6mm section on the bottom end of the lower pole for compatibility with 6mm flag mounts. Flag is shaped for visual contrast, aerodynamics, and controlled flapping, even at high speeds. 3M reflectives used are rated for high effectiveness even when wet.

 Everything from their attention-getting diagonalized shape (deliberately aero, with just the right amount of gentle waving designed in) to the color patterns designed to stand out in all conditions, to the careful choice of top quality materials. All materials are made in the USA: From the super sun and weather resistant body material to the 3M brand reflectives and top quality black fiberglass poles. They're sewn in Portland, Oregon by well-paid, experienced sewing professionals, so you can rest assured they're made carefully and made well.

 TerraCycle has taken a number of measures to keep things together at high speeds. The poles are designed to be stiff and not bend back as much. The flag is clipped to the pole and prevented from sliding off by a top cap. Should the clip fail for any reason, the top cap is designed to catch on the bottom of the flag. The top and bottom pole sections are held together with a ferrule that includes a special gripping collar. It takes a very deliberate twisting and releasing action to separate the poles.

User Manual

The upper tip of the lower pole is red to indicate the end that is inserted into the upper pole. Slide the tapered red tip through the silicone grip collar until it is firmly seated in the ferrule on the lower end of the upper pole. Insert the bottom end of the lower pole into your flag mount. You can typically put your flag into the tube that runs down the side of your seat. Some trikes, such as ICE trikes, have a hole in the plastic top cap for that purpose. Others may require you to drill a slightly larger than 6,35 mm hole in the top cap. Other trikes, such as Catrikes, come with a 6mm flag mount back on the rear dropout. The rear racks on HPVT trikes have flag mounts in them.

 The silicone gripper collar is designed to keep your poles from separating under all but the most extreme conditions. To separate the poles, pinch the collar around the lower pole until it wrinkles a little bit. This will break the suction and allow you to gently twist the lower pole out. If you try to just yank the pole out, the collar will tighten and grip even more. Pushing the collar up with a fingernail will also relax the collar and cause it to release it's grip on the pole.

 There is a plastic clip near the top of the flag. Inside the flag, on the end of the pole, there is a cap that cushions the end of the pole. The cap can't get past the clip. If you want to remove the flag from the pole for any reason, gently pry the clip off and slide the flag off the pole. The cap is designed to catch on the bottom of the flag as a backup. You will need to wriggle and twist to get the cap out the bottom of the flag.

 If it gets dirty, wipe your flag down with a cloth or old toothbrush dampened with soap and water. The colors are colorfast and UV resistant and cannot be scrubbed off.

 You can install the Hi Vis tassel using the grommets at the top and bottom of the flag. If you are running one tassel, we recommend putting it at the top of the flag. One tassel comes standard with every flag.

Flag Mount

The matching ICE flag mount clamps to any 1" (25.4mm) diameter horizontal tube. Rock solid and looks great.

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