Pair of Velogenesis Clamps black.

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  • Seat strut clamps
  • Addfunction and class to your bike
  • Replaces existing pins
  • Provide precise adjustment
  • Seat can be easily removed
  • Saves your exact setting for easy reinstallation
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These clamps are a great replacement for the “grenade pin” style seat stay adjustment found on many recumbents. They let you clamp together two telescoping tubes at whatever length you’d like. The tubes don’t need slots or any other special preparation. Simply slide the clamp over the larger tube, lock it on, slide the smaller tube inside, and lock it in, too. There are two separate clamps, one for each tube, built into one handy unit.

If you’ve ever lost a grenade pin, you know how frustrating it can be to find something to put in there to get you home. You can kiss that worry goodbye. And if you’ve ever wondered if your seat would be a little more comfortable if you could just move it a little bit, but the spacing between the grenade pin holes is a little much, or you’ve run out of holes, well, that’s gone too. You can set your seat position to wherever you want it in as fine an increment as you’d like.
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