Chain YABAN S10C 10speed or YABAN S11S 11speed

Shipping in days
  • Make your choice of chain type and enter the total length in meters in the quantity box
  • 5 meters of chain will be enough to replace any ICE trikes chain
  • One quick link is included in every chain shipment.
  • Additional quick links can be found here.
Include VAT

For many years we fit YABAN chains on all of our trikes and they perform very well. You realize that the manufacturer is focusing on this one product. We want to offer the YABAN chains as original spare part but also to all recumbent and trike riders. We do not stick together single chains. You get them as long as you want in one piece. You just type the number of meters you need into the quantity box. You best measure the length of your original chain. Otherwise five meters should cope with all types of recumenbents, trikes and velomobiles. And of course a quick link is included in every chain shipment.

Please make sure the chain is not touching ground while fitted on your bike as all YABAN chains are prelubricated and you do not need any dirt from the ground on your brand new chain. If you use chain tubes please make sure these are cleaned before you wire the new chain through.

We ship chaines always in one piece.

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