• Idlers/Pulleys, Cranks, Chains

Idlers/Pulleys, Cranks, Chains

Being the exclusive european distributor for the market leading TerraCycle products, we offer you a broad range of idlers that will enable you to get the maximum efficiency out of your recumbent or recumbent trike.

A bicycle chain is always made to run on the teeth of a chainring and will always dig into or skip along (causing vibrations) the plastic surface of non-cogged idlers. This is where valuable energy is lost due to friction. The TerraCycle idlers solve this issue by having the chain run on CNC machined cogs made from either aluminum (sport) or titanium (elite) that reduce friction, wear and vibration of your drive. Every TerraCycle idler can be stripped completely. This way, the bearings can be maintained and in case it is ever needed, the cog can be exchanged, too. We also offer many special idler kits for certain bike models of the recumbent world containing all the needed mounting hardware to fit your bike with TerraCycle idlers.

Our Idler TerraCycle offers many customizable options and accessories, that you can conveniently select on the article page. Here, you can also add a chain guide made from stainless steel and nylon, which will improve your chainline even more.

Of course you’ll also find the matching bicycle chains in our webshop. We have been fitting our trikes with YABAN chains for many years now and we’ve only had great experiences with them. We take our Chain YABAN straight from the roll, cut it to your individual length and always ship it with the matching chain connector.

Cranksets are an integral part of our line of products. The Crankset single Driveline CS-339AD 39 tooth is available at 150 and 170 mm length and mounted on our ICE recumbent trikes as well as the recumbent bikes of other manufacturers and any upright bicycles with gear hubs or electrical assist. The crankset is manufactured exclusively for ICLETTA and offers quality finish and subtle design.

If your recumbent trike is meant to be used by multiple riders, we recommend the useful Frame quick adjust TerraCycle for recumbent bicycles and trikes. This clever solution can be mounted on trikes from HP Velotechnik, Azub, Greenspeed, Performer, Actionbent and enables smooth adjusting according to the leg length of the current rider without having to change the length of the chain at all. This way, the recumbent trike is always perfectly set up for the current rider and pedaling stays pain-free.



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