Idler Kit TerraCycle for Windcheetah Trike

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This idler kit consists of a front module:

  • 15 tooth power idler
  • 70 mm return idler
  • axle bolt 8mm stainless
  • spacers
  • clamp on chainkeeper

and a rear module:

  • 70 mm over/under idler
  • clamp on idler mount
  • axle bolt 8 mm stainless
  • spacers
  • double clamp on chainkeeper
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TerraCycle has replaced a lot of Windcheetah idlers over the years, and developed this kit with super adaptability to work with almost all known models. The chainline is much improved, and no more plastic blocks! The power and return chains are carried on smooth rolling idlers all the way. In the front, side by side Power and Return idlers guide the chains under the front crossarm. The mounting bolt is sized to allow the idlers to float, and a special clamp on chainkeeper makes installation and adjustment a snap. In most instances, the front idlers attach to the original idler mount location on the cruciform casting. Some very early trikes with small idlers don't have the room on the casting, and a Clamp On idler mount is used instead.

In the back, a special clamp on idler mount with a sliding adjustment block is used to precisely locate the single Over/Under idler to dial in your chainline. The power side of the chain goes under the idler on a machined cog, and the return side goes over the idler on it's own urethane bed. The idler floats as you shift, and another clamp on chainkeeper (a double sided top and bottom one) makes sure the chain stays where it needs to stay whatever the road conditions. The result is a clean, smooth running chainline that will make your Windcheetah purr along happily for miles and miles.

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