Idler Kit TerraCycle for Optima Baron - 1 Power Idler with titanium cog

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This TerraCycle Power Idler kit consists of:
-Power Idler with titanium cog and ceramic bearing
-Clamp on idler mount
-Floating Chaintube

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The TerraCycle Optima Baron Power Idler Kit replaces the stock idler under the seat with a high quality, quiet, stiff, durable TerraCycle Power Idler. The Clamp-On Idler Mount and Chain Keeper allows the idler and chain keeper to float as you ride, shift and bump. This kit also comes with a Floating Chaintube and hardware to control the return chain in a simple and effective manner. For riders who like to run with their return chain in the dropped position this is a great way to keep it fast and efficient!

Read the Velovision Magazine Review "TerraCycle Idlers" 
Reviews/Velovision Issue 34 June 2009

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