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Windwrap WGX Fairing TerraCycle with WINTR mount

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ICLETTA is exclusively importing recumbent trikes of the british tradition brand ICE - Inspired Cycle Engineering to the german speaking market.

Since as early as 1986, ICE, founded by Peter Ross, is manufacturing recumbent tricycles and therefore stands for many years of experience and quality in recumbent engineering. Our various models are equipped with high end components and accessories via our web based configurator system and then put together in our very own assembly operation by experienced members of our staff. Within this process, we have made it our priority to ensure the quality of our trikes through a thorough assembly. We distribute our ICE trikes through our specialised dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

Today, our line of bikes consists of the following six models:  

  • the world’s first full suspension ICE FULL FAT with 26” Fat trike tires
  • the comfortable ICE Adventure
  • the ICE Adventure in the HD („Heavy Duty“) - edition for specially sturdy riders
  • the ICE Sprint X, with racey design and high quality parts
  • the fast ICE VTX, our “ultimate racing machine for purists“

All models (except VTX) are available with the bottom bracket mounted Shimano Steps system. The trikes (except the VTX) are foldable by standard.

The ICLETTA webshop

In our internationally shipping webshop you can find authentic parts and accessories from the Portland based US brand TerraCycle that fit almost any trike or recumbent. Being the exclusive distributor for the european market, we continually widen our TerraCycle range of products and are always willing to have the required detailed solution for the recumbents and recumbent trikes of our clients in stock.

Of course, our extensive line of products furthermore consists of selected components, accessories and spare parts from other brands on the recumbent market.

We distribute our recumbent parts and accessories all over europe through our webshop and of course also locally through our specialised dealers. Of course our useful parts also fit on the recumbent trikes of other brands, such as for example Hase, HP Velotechnik, AZUB, KMX, Bike Revolution, Catrike, Flux, Toxy, Challenge, Nazca, Optima, Bacchetta, Rans, Greenspeed and home made models. We appreciate every recumbent fan who we can help with our line of products and are happy to answer any questions about compatibility.


The Name ICLETTA originates from the roman language. Bicicletta - bicyclette - bicicletta simply means ”bicycle” in various languages. ICLETTA is an artificial term, that leaves all the room for interpreting how many wheels there really are.

Why us

Our engagement is devoted to the culture of cycling. We love our jobs and we hope that you allow us to share our passion with you. We want to excite all recumbent and recumbent trike riders and those, who want to become one, for our well developed ICE trikes and our useful accessories. No matter whether you’re just taking your first steps towards your own recumbent or recumbent trike or if you’ve already been an enthusiast for many years: We’d love to help you with your search for the right model or fitting detailed solution. So, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert: You’ll find the right offering here.

Further information:

In our regularily updated webbblog, you’ll find news, advice, tour descriptions and fair reports. In our newsletter (sign up below) we regularly introduce certain products of our line in detail and inform you about pending promotions or events from our brand ICLETTA. Of course we’re also present on all social media platforms and provide the most recent news from the recumbent and recumbent trike world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.


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