Head rest for ICE Mesh Seat

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  • Cushion stepless adjustable in height and inclination
  • Cushion tension adjustable via velcro strap
  • Cushion with reflector and washable
  • Frame made of stable aluminium tube with integrated handle for lifting the rear wheel
  • Distance tubular struts: approx. 45 mm matching regular bicycle saddle accessories such as saddlebags
  • Diameter of tubular struts: approx. 8 mm
  • Diameter of clamps: approx. 25.4 mm (1 inch)
  • Weight: approx. 290 g
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ICE is driven to provide accessories that meet the same high standard as their trikes providing a seamlessly high quality product. ICE’s design team have returned to the drawing board to redesign the ICE Neck Rest. The outcome is yet another breakthrough in design.

Adjustable Neck Rest Fully adjustable for height and angle, removable padded cover. Very comfortable going up hills especially when the seat is set to a more reclined angle.

The new clamps massively reduce the time taken to fit and adjust the Neck Rest. This has been achieved by reducing the amount of assembly components.

ICE has also strengthened the clamping system on mesh seats to prevent the clamp from rotating around the seat frame. The fitting system allows the height and angle of the neck rest to be adjusted.

The Neck Rest frame is made from a high strength aluminium bar rail that provides a balance of strength and comfort.

The uprights are now a standard bike saddle rail width to allow the clamping of standard bike accessories.

The Padding system is now made from two parts. An adjustable tensioning strap that fits around the Neck Rest frame allows the rider to alter the tension and support of the Neck Rest and the Pad.

The Headrest comes with a large size for best weight distribution.

The cover contains a dense piece of foam selected by ICE to provide optimum support and comfort.

The foam is easily accessible so that it can be removed when the cover is washed.

The cover, made from a breathable material then wraps around the tension strap using Velcro.

The rear of the cover now has a highly reflective strip for improved visibility.

The Neck Rest incorporates a handle into the frame making it even easier to move the trike around.

Weight: 224 g

The trike is not included in the sales price.



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