Chain Wax Super Dry Green Oil, 100 ml

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Our Green Oil Super Dry Chain Wax is a blend of 100% natural ingredient. It uses the power of nature to keep your chain well lubed and protected from wear and dirt.



Green Oil-Company and Products Green Oil UK Limited, a family-run company, was founded by Simon Nash, a keen cyclist from a young age. As someone who cares about the environment he could not accept that a bike’s chain lube is petroleum based and toxic. Whilst studying at the University of Southampton, Simon developed Green Oil. This revolutionary lubricant would mean no more guilt about cleaning off chain oil into the soil, riding in heavy rain, or even riding across streams. Green Oil was developed and tested by Simon in Southampton's Lord's Wood, and on commuting to University and back. After a long period of experimentation, the first sale of Green Oil was to a friend in Southampton who was extremely pleased with its performance. At the beginning it was not easy for a small company like Green Oil to become popular and to convince people from this great natural product. An endorsement from the Ecologist Magazine helped get Green Oil into the first few shops, as did critical acclaim from the cycling press in the following months. With What Mountain Bike's 'Gold Award', and an endorsement by the Ecologist Magazine, Green Oil is now stocked in many shops.

ICLETTA is proud to offer the great and environment-friendly Green-Oil products now in the ICLETTA websop.

Green Oil products have only sustainably sourced ingredients from naturally occurring plant extracts, a blend of which produces a high performance lubricant. Green Oil Products do not contain animal derivatives. The non-irritant and non-hazardous Green Oil products do not contain solids like wax, Teflon, graphite or plastic, or any environmental nasties. The label is made of 100% recycled paper. Every Green Oil bottle sold from day one has been a deposit bottle. The new Green Oil range have bottles with a £ 0,10 deposit, and the original Green Oil has a deposit of £ 0,20. Ask your local Bike Shop about redemption! (only in UK)

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Chain lube Green Oil 100 ml

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