FB Adapter for ICE Trikes

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  • ICE FF Adapter to adjust the seating position on ICE recumbent trikes
  • Moves the seat 5cm towards the back
  • Intended to be permanently installed
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The ICE FB adapter moves the seat backwards by 5 cm to accomondate riders with very long legs. Please note that using this adapter with the hard shell seat
will reduce the maximum recline available. The FB adapter can easily be retrofitted onto the lower seat mounting bracket.

Measure your leg length and find out, which crank and adapter combination is best for you:

  1. Sit against a wall without shoes or with your cycling shoes with your toes pointed upwards.
  2. Place a board or a few books between you and the wall to create a space of about 25-28cm.
    Make sure to have a convenient seating position when resting your head and shoulders against the wall.
  3. Measure the distance from your heel to the end of your bottom.


With your X-Seam you can now find out wether you need short cranks or any of our FF/FB adapters:

Overview ICE crank and adapter combinations in relation to the riders X-Seam:

  • 89   -   92 cm X-Seam - 155 mm cranks and FF adapter
  • 93   -   97 cm X-Seam - 155 mm cranks
  • 98  -  122 cm X-Seam - 170 mm cranks
  • 123 - 127 cm X-Seam - 170 mm cranks and FB adapter


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