Fairing Polish Kit - for TerraCycle Windwrap WGX, XT and GX

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#1 Plastic Polish 60 ml

#2 Scratch Remover 60 ml

#3 Heavy Scratch Remover 2 pieces

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The TerraCycle polish kit for Windwrap XT and GX removes scratches and help keep your fairing looking new.

The Fairing Polish Kit is enough to clean and polish your fairing many times.

The Novus plastic polish system does a great job on fairings as well as many other plastic things you might have around, like DVDs, plastic auto light covers, motorcycle helmet face shields, pretty much anything plastic that might get scratched or scuffed. The #2 Scratch Remover works on all but the worst scratches, and the #1 Polish takes care of the rest. For very heavy scratches take the #3 Heavy Scratch Remover.

Weight: 200 g

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