Comfort Headrest Finer Recliner from TerraCycle

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  • Very comfortable through ergonomic design and thick padding
  • Universally adjustable
  • Consists of standard 1 inch tubing that can be shortened or exchanged
  • Fits all ICE trikes with Ergo Flow or Ergo Luxe seat
  • Fits the HP Velotechnik Scorpion mesh seat
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For recumbent riders who value comfort:

The centerpiece of the Finer Recliner headrest is the anatomically preshaped foam core. Its u-shape does offer support for the riders neck and head and because of the thick foam padding, vibrations will be severely dampened. The foampad will cushion the neck of the rider and make for a really comfortable ride on three wheels.

The headrest is fastened with a quick release clamp onto the horizontal tubing of the trikes seat frame. To make sure the finer recliner headrest supports you right where its needed, the system can be adjusted very extensively to fit the riders body and riding position.

The horizontal tubing, that the headrest is centered on, offers mounting space for battery lights. Since it is 1 inch tubing, it can be shortened or exchanged suiting your personal preference. The headrest cover can of course be removed for washing.

The version for ICE seats is made for seat frames consisting of tubing with 1 inch or 25,4 mm diameter.
The version for the HP Velotechnik Scorpion seat is made for seat frames consisting of tubing with 5/8 inch or 15,9 mm diameter.

Only the headrest and its mounting hardware are on sale. The displayed seat and battery lights are only for illustration purposes and not part of the actual offer.

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