Cockpit Mount TerraCyle - The Original

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  • 23 cm long main tube offers a great amount of vertical adjustability
  • 13 cm wide top tube offers ample mounting space and can accommodate even the widest displays
  • 7/8 inch (22,2 mm) standard handle bar tube outside diameter
  • Strong tubing made from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Double clamp design makes it very easy to retrofit
  • Double clamp is only ½ inch wide and takes up only about half the space of conventional clamps
  • Combination of extender tube and two double clamps ensures a great range of mounting positions
  • All mounting elements are secured with bolts to prevent vibrations while riding

Cockpit Mount for recumbents and trikes with underseat steering like ICE, Hase Kettwiesel, HP Velotechnik Scorpion, HP Velotechnik Gekko, KMX and Catrike  

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The Cockpit Mount is the latest TerraCycle innovation in the field of recumbent bicycle and tricyle accessories. This new accessory mount is extremely versatile for most applications.

The core feature of its design is a double articulated joint that holds a short length of tube between both hinges. This allows for attaching the Cockpit Mount to the handlebars at any desired angle, making it a One- Size- Fits- All solution. The length of the articulation is designed as to under all circumstances leave sufficient space for the use of brakes and shifters. Even when wearing gloves there is ample space to use the handlebar controls.
CNC machined mounting parts give the Cockpit Mount its extraordinary sturdiness. In fact, one might easily grab it and lift the entire bicycle/ tricycle with it.

Typically, the Cockpit Mount is attached just below the existing controls such as brake levers and gear shifters, and fits most if not all current types of underseat handlebars. The mounting clamps with an 7/8” inner diameter are merely ½” wide in order to allow for the Cockpit Mount to be installed even in the most confined spaces.

They are open at the front which makes for an easy retrofit without the hassle of having to dismantle any of the existing components.

They are fashioned symmetrically so they can be mounted in nearly any fshion imaginable. Clamping is via but a single cylinder head bolt which makes mounting and fine tuning a breeze.

The T- shaped tube has a height of 23 cm allowing for height adjustment. It is 12,5 cm wide which offers ample space for the installation of GPS, camera, smartphones, bicycle computer, mirror, headlight etc, almost at the rider´s eye level. The cross tube in turn is fashioned asymmetrically and can be mounted with the longer part inboards or outboards, just as required.

Watch Installation Video:

The trike, mirror and computer are not include in sales price

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