Chain Keeper TerraCycle double for 8mm, stainless steel , Nylon arm

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TerraCycle double Chain Keeper made from stainless steel and Nylon. 8mm socket.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Laser cut and deburred
  • Chainkeeper tube made from abrasion resistant and impregnated Nylon
  • Light weight
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The Clamp-On Double-Sided Chain Keeper is designed to maintain your chain on an Over/Under Idler. The double-sided and single-sided Clamp-On Chain Keepers are TerraCycle exclusive products. Nowhere else will you find a chain keeper that clamps onto the head of an idler bolt. Clamping on means freedom to float your chain keeper side to side with the chain and the idler, and it means super easy setup and maintenance. The abrasion resistant nylon arm, stainless steel fasteners and high quality machined stainless steel means your Clamp-On Double-Sided Chain Keeper will be with you a long time.

The M8 hexagonal socket head bolt for idler axle is not included in the sales price.

About the manufacturer: TerraCycle from Portland, Oregon produces high quality recumbent trike accessories for nearly every model in the recumbent world. No matter whether the efficient idler kits, useful accessory mounts or aerodynamic fairings: TerraCycle offers you only well thought through custom products, that are manufactured with precision and high quality materials. With its constant improvement of the product line and a focus on the accessory market, TerraCycle is always the first choice when you think about upgrading your recumbent.

Read the Velovision Magazine Review "TerraCycle Idlers":

Velovision Issue 34 June 2009

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