Cateye clamps, modified, pair

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Fit your Accessory Mount and many different parts, components and accessories on your recumbent bike or trike up to a tube diameter size of 1 1/4"

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Six different size clamps fit just about any bike. They are Cateye brand plastic mounting clamps, modified in a handy way for use with attaching our Accessory Mounts.

TerraCycle have made them even more useful by pressing in an anodized aluminum spacer. Also the black steel screw provided by Cateye is replaced with a stainless allen head bolt so you can use regular bike tools.

How to use:

  • Remove the stainless bolt.
  • Snap the clamp over the tube and pinch the ears together with your fingers. The gap between the ears should be parallel or nearly so. If the gap is open and V shaped, shorten the supplied shim. Start by trimming the shim by about 25%. Center the shim in the clamp and test again. Repeat until the fit is right.
  • Install the Accessory Mount or whatever you are attaching.


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