Seat Side Mount TerraCycle for handlebar bag

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The Seat Side Mount can be used as a additional carrier for a bunch of recumbent trikes:
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The TerraCycle Seat Side Mount System is an all new way to carry things where they're easy to reach while you're riding your recumbent trike. It includes a versatile system of reconfigurable clamps and mounting tubes to fit nearly any recumbent trike, delta or tadpole. Typical uses include bottle holders, map holders, camera bags, phones, or handlebar bags from the upright bike world—anything you want to have close at hand while riding.

On all of the Seat Side Mount System kits, the main mounting arm is 7/8” (22.2 mm) diameter, the same as bicycle handlebars. This means that anything made for handlebars will work with the Seatside Mount as well. The main arm comes with a tab for securely mounting handlebar bags, and it's supported by a highly adjustable system of tubes and clamps. Depending on the design of your trike, the system may attach to the seat frame, the main tube, or to another sturdy place.

The drinking bottle holder, available as an optional accessory, is attached to the Seat Side Mount using a double clamp to prevent it from twisting.

For ICE recumbent trikes, we offer a similar product which can be found under the name "side bag mount for ICE recumbent trikes".

The Seat Side Mount in the Twin version is optionally available for the HP Velotechnik Scorpion mesh seat. This means that you have mounting options on both sides of the mesh seat. See also the video "Seat Side Mount Twin for HP Velotechnik-Installation Video". The video also explains how to attach the mount to the seat.


On Tour with the Seat Side Mount

Seat Side Mount Twin for HP Velotechnik- Installation Video

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