Recumbent bag Radical Banana Racer, side panniers for recumbent bikes and trikes

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Recumbent Bags Radical Banana Racer, side panniers, easy adjustable for all recumbent bikes and trikes with mesh seat or hardshell seat
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Recumbent Bags Radical Banana Racer

The new Banana Racer panniers are fit the ICE Air Pro Hardshell Seat and other hardshell seats. They are the only side panniers that don't need a rack, they are fully suspended from the seat. A solution for recumbents that can't take rack bags or seat bags. With foam reinforcement and mesh pockets.

Colour: black
Weight (Pair): 610 g
Material: Cordura
Size: 53 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm (LBH)
Volume: 2 x 12,5 l.


  •  The spacer serves to prevent the bags from rubbing against the rear wheel or getting caught in the spokes.
  •  The ICE Air Pro Hardshell Seat is already prepared for mounting the spacer
  •  The spacer is particularly recommended when travelling without a low rider.

The Radical Banana Racer recumbent bags are suitable for many hardshell seats of different recumbents and trikes. If a spacer is needed is to be checked individually. Please note that hard shell seats may not be prepared for mounting the spacer to the seat.

The trike is not included in the sales price.




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