• Accessory Mounts, Mirrors, Flags

Accessory Mounts, Mirrors, Flags

Mounting accessories to your recumbent trike can often turn into a challenge.

Recumbent handlebars usually offer little space to mount accessories. Mirrors and GPS devices require special mounting positions and often you might be asking yourself: ”How am I going to mount my Mirror to the bike” or “Where can I still fit my GPS Device?”. If you ever came across these problems, the ICLETTA webshop surely has the solution to your issue. We offer various mounting solutions for GPS devices, smartphones, cameras, bike computers, mirrors and many more:

The Accessory Mount TerraCycle with movable mounting arms is available in various lengths and with different diameter mounting clamps. It can be used for a wide range of mounting tasks and offers maximum flexibility for the installation of lights, computers and more. The Cockpit Mount TerraCycle with t-bar and cnc manufactured double-clamp mechanism as well as the smaller Cockpit Mount Mini TerraCycle for bar end installation offer a great deal of space for mounting accessories such as GPS devices, smartphones, mirrors, cameras and bike computers at the riders eye level.

As different and versatile these accessory mounts are, they all share the same sturdy build quality and small weight. They also fit many recumbent models such as ICE, Hase Kettwiesel, HP Velotechnik Scorpion, HP Velotechnik Gekko, KMX , Flux, Toxy, Azub, Bike Revolution and others.

Mirrors are essential for being able to safely operate a recumbent, since the seating position limits the rear view. The extra large diameter Mirrycle Mirror offers a great deal of situational awareness and rider safety in traffic. All mounting points are screwed together, which ensures that view to the rear is kept free of irritating vibration. Mirrors on both ends of the handlebar offer the best protection for any recumbent.

“Will other road users overlook me on my recumbent bike?” is a concern we often hear from our customers. To ensure riders safety in traffic, you should complete your recumbents safety concept with a high visibility flag. The specially designed TerraCycle Purple Sky Flag is available in various colors and ensures great visibility at all times. You will even be seen during night time, since the flag comes fitted with reflecting panels.



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