Accessory Mount TerraCycle 50 mm x 75 mm / 75 mm x 100 mm / 100 mm x 100 mm, aluminium

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  • CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminium and black anodized
  • Versatile, vibration free, rigid mount
  • Adapter for frame braze on mount and 15 side extensions available as an option
  • Handmade in Portland, Oregon
  • Tube Length: 30 mm
  • Tube Outside Diameter: 25,4 mm (1 inch)

One pair of mounting clamps are include, please make your choice.

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Mounting lights, computers and other accessories on recumbent bikes and trikes is often a headache. The solution from TerraCycle for that problem is a lightweight, rigid CNC machined Accessory Mount made of 6061 T6 aluminum (just 53 grams in the 50 x 75 mm version). You could lift your bike by the mount, not that this is its intended purpose. It’s super versatile, too. You can center up your light on a derailleur post and away from most of the foot induced strobe effect. You can mount a computer on your bike or trike where you choose for best visibility. You can mount a Taillight on a seat strut, a front light on your handlebar mast. The possibilities are endless.

Read the Velovision Magazine Review "TerraCycle Accessory Mount" Reviews/Velovision Issue 34 June 2009

This extremely versatile Accessory Mount is available in different sizes and with several optional items. Options include extensions and adapters that further expand the usefulness of this already versatile mount.

The TerraCycle Accessory Mount gets it’s stability through several unique, patent pending features. First, the legs are keyed to the central mount tube with a circular slot and held together by a special bolt and nut combination (the special coupler nut is made in Germany). The legs are larger than conventional mounts in order to prevent the mount from twisting. All parts are CNC machined and are thick where necessary and thinned out where it’s not. They are much more solid than others which are often made of sheet metal only. Anodized aluminum spacers are pressed into the Cateye mounting clamps to precisely hold the legs. Each of these things contributes to making a stable, vibration free, super rigid mount.

You can use the basic mount on any vertical or horizontal post between 1/2" and 1 1/4".

The angle of the legs as well as the mounting clamps can be adjusted in many different ways. The number of possibilities is almost unlimited. Every time we play with it we find one more use. We are using it on recumbents, folding bikes, and both threaded and threadless stem diamond frame bikes. With the curved shape of the legs, one can curve past cables, brake tubes or any other things that might be in the way. The legs are designed so you can flip them over, so you can curve them either way. The angle and position of the mount can be altered by flipping the mount upside down or rotating the mounting brackets closer or farther apart.

The really cool thing is that most front end accessories need a horizontal mount, and instead of most items ending up on your handlebars- which then interferes with hand position, or, like on a high racer, end up in your line of sight- you can now put things other places on your bike. This mount is perfect for high racers or short wheelbase recumbents and even uprights, too!

The TerraCycle Accessory Mount allows more adaptability than any other mount. Two brackets can even be staggered one above the other for multiple lights! We find this to be one of the most unique and useful mounts we have ever seen. Many customers are coming back for 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 more mounts. To all you multiple mount buyers - and in fact everyone – we would love more pictures of how you are using them!

For most recumbent applications, we recommend the 50 x 75 mm arm combination. If you want more room, or to get things further away from the frame, go for the 75 x 100 mm version. On upright bicycle stem mounting applications, we recommend the 75 x 100 mm or 100x100 mm arm combinations for maximum versatility. If you are mounting on a fork blade, we recommend the 50 x 75 mm setup. For some Highracer Recumbents, the 100 x 100 mm combination allows you to put a light down low and right in front of the BB shell.

The mounting tube of the Accessory Mount also provides a 30mm width of 1" diameter tube, plenty space for most any bicycle accessory. The mounting tube also has two grooves designed to carry an O ring for those accessories that use O rings for attachment.

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